Sewerby Hall, Bridlington

Sewerby Hall, Bridlington
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Phase 1 - £780k Phase 2 - £1.2m

Phase 1 Works includes the refurbishment and alteration of existing facilities – namely the Laundry and Stable Blocks - to provide a new ‘welcoming centre’ which incorporates the estate office, souvenir and retail shops, visitor catering, educational facilities, visitor toilets, zoo reception and staff accommodation. In order to deliver these facilities we have undertaken enabling packages to decant zoo animals to new permanent facilities.

Sewerby Hall and Estate is a very popular tourist attraction, generating 1000s of visitors during the peak season. Our site teams have worked very closely with the Estate and staff to minimise disruption to the facilities and allow them to continue providing a high-quality service to their customers. Detailed and methodical programming has been key and we have been able to make great headway to the project during the winter months when the Estate is at its quietest.

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