Sandacre Court refurbishment, York

Sandacre Court refurbishment, York
Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

Refurbishment of 29 flats at Sandacres Court on Boroughbridge Road in York. The works comprised the upgrading of the electrical installation to comply with the latest regulations. Complete removal of the existing kitchen and replacement with new units including reconnection of appliances and wall tiling. New vinyl flooring to the kitchen and bathrooms.
There was client choice to have a replacement ducted air heating system or a complete new wet system with radiators. Most clients opted for the new gas-fired wall mounted boiler system. Precautions had to be taken with the old heaters containing asbestos.
The flats were completely redecorated including wallpaper where rooms previously had wallpaper.
The challenges we encountered varied between the clients and the central issue was that all clients were over 55 years old and were concerned about having work done in their homes. Our management overcame the issue with sensitive reassurances, close liaison and quality performance. Once several flats were successfully completed the remainder were reassured and convinced.
Programming of the works to meet client dates. This was overcome with consultation, giving clients plenty of notice and good management of site resources.

A letter of commendation was received from one of the residents;
“Thank you to you and your team for the work that your company has recently carried out. In particular we are very pleased with the alterations to our home and the quality of work which was done in general, also to the courteous manner of all your staff and contractors”

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