York Explore II

York Explore II
City of York Council

The works at York Explore included the construction of a new state-of-the-art conservation store for the archives and a sensitive refurbishment of the existing first floor to create new spaces for people to discover our city’s history. Essential roof and floor repairs have also been carried out on the Grade II listed library building at the same time.

The Gateway to History project received a £1.5m HLF grant in December 2012 and is the major public legacy of the York800 celebrations. There are significant technical challenges associated with constructing an airtight building suitable for archiving important documents; however our skills developed on the Minster Library and other close controlled environments have been extended to the benefit of this project.

The William Birch office is situated within four miles of the new City Archive and 70% of employees live within a five mile radius of the project bringing a strong local presence to the project.



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