Shibden Park, Halifax

Shibden Park, Halifax
Calderdale Council

William Birch has restored the historic features of this popular and high profile visitor park in Halifax bringing the historic park, grounds, gardens and buildings back to their former glory. The park continued to operate as a fully operational visitor facility during the entire construction period. Along with the historic restoration of some of the parks original features we also constructed a £1.4m new and sustainable visitor centre. New access was provided, and there were significant upgrades to a number of historic buildings. The project included extensive landscaping and planting, along with an enhanced playground and parking area. All works took place under an archaeological brief.

As principal contractor we contributed significantly to the design and budget developments for the project during the stage II tender process.

There were a total of 29 work packages dispersed across the. Each work package, in a different location of the park, had its own programme which linked to the master programme. The logistics of delivering numerous work areas around the extensive grounds whilst at all times the park remained open to the public was a significant challenge. This was overcome successfully by strict control of the programme, thorough and detailed communication with the park rangers on a daily basis and a flexible approach to accommodating the visitors whilst not compromising the works and the programme.

Pro-Yorkshire RICS awards ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Community’ shortlists

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